Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Latest addition to the home!

Renae says she'd been wating 12 years for yesterday to come.  (I only count 10.5 years, but I'm not about to argue!)

We dubbed yesterday "Two Kitty Tuesday" and tried to convince everyone we knew that yesterday was the day for everyone to go out and adopt two kitties.  As far as I know, no one took us up on the offer.

Our day started a little after 9:00 am at the local Petco.  We had decided on a litter box that looked easier to clean than traditional litter boxes, and we knew that Petco was the only store around which carried it.  As we were loading up with other supplies, we realized that the only litter box they had in stock was the smaller sized one.  The store manager looked up all the other local stores and found one store in Romeoville which had one larger litter box.  We checked out and headed over to that Petco.

After buying our larger litter box in Romeoville, we headed back home to unpack and set up.  While at home we got a delivery from Amazon of the clumping litter which works better with the litter box.  After the food and litter box was all set up we went to the humane society after grabbing a quick lunch.

The humane society had some really cute (Renae's words) kittens featured on their website (and petfinder) but it turned out that all the kittens had holds on them.  We weren't too interested in putting a second hold on the kittens (just in case the first hold fell through) so we went off to the second shelter, across town.

At the next shelter we looked at kittens, but most of them were domestic shorthairs, which we were sort of leaning against.  Then, we looked at the younger adults.  There were a few medium to long hair cats there, which were surprisingly friendly.  We weren't ready to commit at that time, so we went off to the TAILS shelter in Sycamore.

TAILS was really neat, and had a lot of cats, but none of them could compete with the cats back at the previous shelter, so we went back to ADOPT, the second place we had been to.

ADOPT is where we found and adopted two cats: Sheldon and Emmy.  We're still getting to know them, but we're happy to have them in our house now!

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